Latest My Hero Academia Café Has a Fall Festival Theme

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My Hero Academia has had numerous collaboration cafés over the years, and the latest one has opened at the SEGA Ikebukuro GiGO from October 12 to November 24. As usual for anime cafés, some exclusive art was created to be sold and distributed at this limited-time event. This time, the theme is a fall festival, and the art shows the characters hanging out and enjoying festival snacks.

The café is divided into two phases, each selling different foods and giving out different items. When you purchase a food or drink item, you'll receive a free coaster or bromide at random. The biggest draw to these cafés is getting art of the character you like. When you sit at your table, you can actually fill in a sheet to declare which character you got and who you're willing to trade it for, so it's easier for fans to approach each other for trades.

The most popular My Hero Academia characters are Bakugo, Todoroki, and Deku (in this order), so when I got a Deku coaster with my drink it was easy to trade it for a Tsuyu.

For the first phase of the café from October 12 to November 1, the food and dessert menu consists of Deku-themed pork rib ramen, Kirishima-themed kakiage, an Ochako-themed Japanese-style dessert set, and an Iida-themed orange parfait. For the second phase from November 2 to 24, you can purchase a Bakugo-themed mapo tofu bowl, a Todoroki-themed tomato cheese spaghetti, an All Might and Aizawa-themed dessert plate, and a Tsuyu-themed parfait.

There are also 11 soft drinks you can purchase, each with a different character theme. You can also purchase a latte with coffee art of 11 different varieties. The random coasters given out with drinks either depict the collaboration art or show a screenshot from the anime.

For more information about the menu and how to reserve a time, check the café website. Note that you must have a reservation in order to enter the café.

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