Kingdom, Terraformers, Snack Basue Manga Artists Design Their Own Gundams

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Designs were published in Weekly Young Jump's 51st issue commemorating Gundam's 40th anniversary

The year's 51st issue of Shueisha's Weekly Young Jump magazine published a special feature on Mobile Suit Gundam. Both the magazine and the anime franchise are celebrating their 40th anniversaries. To commemorate the occasion, manga artists Yasuhisa Hara (Kingdom), Kenichi Tachibana (Terraformars), and Forbidden Shibukawa (Snack Basue) released their original Gundam designs.

Hara drew a Gundam (shown top-right) inspired by the war generals depicted in Kingdom. He commented: "It was harder than I expected to devise and draw this, but it was very fun. I'm honored that they'll even make an original Gunpla out of this design. Thank you so much. I'll keep watching Gundam now and into the future!"

Bandai Spirits created a "Kingdom Gundam YJ Tokusei Model Ver." Gunpla out of Hara's design "just for this special issue."

Tachibana drew several mobile suits inspired by the monsters depicted in Terraformars. He commented: "Congratulations to Gundam for its 40th anniversary! This is what comes to mind when I think of Gundam. I made sure to capture the feelings I have in me when I recall how engrossed I was in making Gunpla." Regarding the yellow-colored "Terraformars U-NASA Tokuchū Hyakushiki" design, he commented: "I think it would be very compatible with Terraformars."

Forbidden Shibukawa amusingly called their design the "Gundam Daisuki Ojisan" (Gundam love geezer). They commented: "I drew a regular Jegan." ("Jegan" are the mass-produced mobile suits used by the Earth Federation Forces in Mobile Suit Gundam.) "When I think of the original Gundam, I can't help but think of the mobile suit that I myself would pilot, so it's inevitable that I would draw one of the mass-produced green units. Happy 40th anniversary."

Young Jump is holding a giveaway of posters, clear files, and reproduced artwork showing the manga artists' designs. More details on how to enter the competition are in the magazine. Young Jump also announced that a special movie is currently in the works to commemorate the collaboration.

The 51st issue also includes an interview with Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, as well as a number of gravure spreads featuring cosplay inspired by the Gundam franchise. The issue shipped on Thursday.

Source: Weekly Young Jump Issue #51 (December 5)

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