Former Momoiro Clover Z Idol Momoka Ariyasu Announces Marriage

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24-year-old singer left group in January 2018

Singer and former Momoiro Clover Z member Momoka Ariyasu announced her marriage on her LINE blog on Sunday. In the post, the 24-year-old singer says that she married a man from outside the show business on Saturday.

She wrote that she has been part of the show business world since the age of zero, and because of that she had no private life. However, she continued to strive to do her best on a day-by-day basis. One day, she met someone who she says "gave me kindness and a feeling of stability, and who was always on my side, thinking of my health and happiness." She wrote that she desired strongly to "be happy as a woman," which culminated in their marriage.

Ariyasu thanked her fans for their support, and wrote that she will continue her work as a singer.

Ariyasu announced her graduation from Momoiro Clover Z in January last year. In her message, the singer mentioned that she had been with the group for eight years, but had decided to distance herself from the entertainment business and pursue a "normal" woman's life. She thanked her fellow unit members, as well as her fans for understanding her decision. She joined Momoiro Clover Z (then named Momoiro Clover) in 2009, and was the sixth and last member of the group to join.

Former Momoiro Clover (now Momoiro Clover Z) idol and actress Akari Hayami also announced her engagement to a member of the general public last year.

Momoiro Clover Z previously sang theme songs for Sailor Moon Crystal, Bodacious Space Pirates, Joshiraku, Pokémon: Black and White, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F',' and Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal: Season III. (When the group had six members instead of five, they sang themes for In Solitude Where We Are Least Alone and Dragon Crisis! under their original name Momoiro Clover.) The group performed the Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' theme song in English, and voiced characters in the film.

Source: Momoka Ariyasu's LINE blog via Hachima Kikō

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