Gackt Cancels Yahoo! Auction of His Brooch After a 10 Billion Yen Bid

posted on by Kim Morrissy
US$91 million bid entered on day 1; new auction planned on Gackt's own site

Musician Gackt cancelled the Yahoo! Auction listing of his five karat diamond brooch on Tuesday after a bid of almost 10 billion yen was made for it on January 14. His official website instead announced plans to auction the brooch independently. The site has opened an online form for those who wish to take part in the new auction.

The brooch was initially listed on Yahoo! Auction on January 13 with a starting price of 9.99 million yen (approximately US$91,000). The next day, a bid of 9.99 billion yen (approximately US$91 million) was placed on the item. Gackt reacted with surprise, tweeting: "10 billion yen in a day... what?! Pardon me. There's a storm of complaints coming from all of you who really want it!"

The pin brooch is a unique item that was personally designed by Gackt to commemorate his 20th anniversary as a solo artist. It has a market value of 40 million yen (approximately US$36,000).

Gackt was the former vocalist of a visual-kei band named Malice Mizer. In 1999, he left the band and made his solo debut. He has contributed theme songs to franchises such as Fist of the North Star, Final Fantasy, and Mobile Suit Gundam. He appeared in the Sket Dance playing a character modeled after himself.

Source: Nikkan Sports via Otakomu

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