Gintama Goes Nude for New Lottery Prizes

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

Gintama has never been shy about showing some skin for its merchandise, whether its a very lewd vase or the world's most awkward fork. At first glance it appears, the "Gintama: In the Bath, Both the Body and Mind are Naked Collection" might be going for a pure fanservice route, but the prizes sound just as silly as you'd expect.

The collection will be sold online retailer Rakuten for approximately three weeks starting in mid-February. The lottery has seven prizes ranging from "S" to "F" and all have a bathing theme, in fact one looks to be actual bathtubs. The S prize is listed as one of two traditional wooden bath pails. The A prize is one of five varieties of bath towels, and the B prize is one of five B2-size bath posters.

The C prize is one of five acrylic standees, the D prize is one of five types of cloth wipes, the E prize is one of 5 sets of two clear files, and the F prize is one of 15 can badges. Contestants that win the S, A, or B prizes can select which illustration they want on their prize. New random prizes will also be awarded each week.

The campaign site shows a censored image of Gintoki in the bath and will add four more later.

Source: Comic Natalie

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