Things Get Spicy in Latest Gintama Bathtime Lottery Campaign

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

After the last update to the "Gintama': In the Bath, Both the Body and Mind are Naked Collection" I was expecting some art of Elizabeth and other non-human characters splashing around in a unnecessarily censored tub. Gintama laughed in my face and delivered more manservice, this time starring Tōshirō Hijikata, Isao Kondō, and Sōgo Okita. Okita is in full "trainee" mode as he gives his former master a nice back scrub.

The collection will be sold at online retailer Rakuten for approximately three weeks starting in mid-February. The lottery has seven prizes ranging from "S" to "F" and all have a bathing theme, in fact one looks to be actual bathtubs. The S prize is listed as one of two traditional wooden bath pails. The A prize is one of five varieties of bath towels, and the B prize is one of five B2-size bath posters.

The C prize is one of five acrylic standees, the D prize is one of five types of cloth wipes, the E prize is one of 5 sets of two clear files, and the F prize is one of 15 can badges. Contestants that win the S, A, or B prizes can select which illustration they want on their prize. New random prizes will also be awarded each week.

Source: Rakuten via Nijimen

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