Actors, MC, Production Staff Comment on ID: INVADED Event

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ID: INVADED held a special event on February 2 featuring series director Ei Aoki, character designer Atsushi Ikariya, original character designer Yūki Kodama, and voice actors Kenjiro Tsuda (brilliant detective Sakaido), Yoshimasa Hosoya (Funetaro Momoki), and Junya Enoki (Kazuo Wakashika). Comedian Yūki Iwai served as the MC. The event involved an installation show, a screening of episodes 5 and 6, and a talk show. After the event, the voice actors, MC, and production staff held a short interview regarding their experience.

Tsuda said that the event had been a unique experience for him. He, Hosoya, and Enoki had performed a brief story onstage without a script while an elaborate installation showed lights and images on a screen. Even if this part of the show was short, it was very different from other anime events, which made it feel fresh. Enoki said that it was the first time he felt so nervous before an anime event, but that it was very fun to take on the challenge with everyone. At a previous event at the Akihabara UDX, Tsuda had performed by himself, but he was very happy to be able to perform alongside others.

During the event, Enoki had mentioned that he would move around a lot while doing his lines in the recording booth, which Enoki said that it helped him get into character. In the interview, he elaborated that he does not normally get to move his body around while recording, so he was gradually forgetting how to move. He said he was grateful to participate in the event and that he received helpful advice from Tsuda during the rehearsal.

Tsuda also spoke of the large amount of freedom the voice actors had during recording. Although it's rare for the animation to be actually completed by the time the voice actors record their lines, there are occasions when they have to ensure that their lines sync with their characters' movements. However, the director assured the actors that they didn't have to consider that at all and that he would adjust the animation to match the voice acting rather than the other way around. Tsuda said that they were given "an unbelievable amount of freedom."

Iwai remarked on the quality of the show and the high level of communication within the team. Hosoya affirmed this and added that in many cases it's only the actors who take interviews, but in this case the director presented alongside the actors. Hosoya thought that this was ideal.

Aoki said that he was so grateful to see so many fans take the time to attend the event, even though surely many of them would have had to go out of their way for it. Character designers Ikariya and Kodama told fans to watch out for episode 7, which will feature a new character that gave Kodama "a lot of trouble, even though I created them." Ikariya said that the character is "cute and will steal the show."

The series premiered with the first two episodes in a one-hour special on January 5. Funimation is streaming the anime as it airs in Japan.

Source: Press release

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