Hey! Riki Creator Releases Essay Manga About Life as an Orphan

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Artist Kouichi Nagata found success in his long-running action manga Hey! Riki, a story about delinquents at an impoverished high school that fight their way to supremacy. The 31-volume series is a spin-off of Hiroshi Takahashi's prolific Crows and Worst series, also about gangs of kids fighting to rule the campus. Before he became an artist, Nagata faced his own unique survival struggles. In his new essay manga Jidō Yōgo Shisetsu de Sodatta Ore ga Mangaka ni naru made no (Ōyoso) 8760-nichi (8,760 Days Before I Grow Up in an Orphanage and Become a Manga Artist (Approximately)), Nagata looks back on the last 24 years of his life leading up to his current career.

Nagata spent 11 years in an orphanage starting at the age of four. He, along with his two older sisters, entered a facility in the Yoshikata neighborhood of the town of Shōnai in Yamagata prefecture. There, Nagata continued to live his childhood while facing the confusion about the sudden changes in his surroundings. The story plans to show how his life in the orphanage eventually accumulated into his current career.

The story is currently running in Shonen Gahosha's Young King BULL magazine. The manga's first compiled volume was released on Tuesday.

Source: Comic Natalie

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