The Girls School Creator Publicly Airs Grievances About Editor Following Manga's Early Cancellation

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Alleges that editor mismanaged the manga, attempted to bribe creator for their silence

The Girls School manga creator Haru Futaba wrote a public Twitter thread on February 29 alleging that their editor's mismanagement was what caused the manga to be prematurely cancelled after its second volume. They stated that they are legally seeking compensation from Shueisha.

Futaba wrote that they initially attempted to write down the circumstances behind the manga's cancellation in the second volume's afterword, but were pressured by their editor to remove it. They later posted a tweet with the text of the originally planned afterword.

Futaba claimed in this afterword that their editor would lose manuscripts, be late to meetings or cancel them at the last minute regularly, write typos and omit words, and constantly forget to communicate with the management side. Due to a miscommunication, Futaba's contract with the publisher was terminated, and the editor tried to mollify the artist by sending them goods bought with company money. When Futaba demanded to speak to the editor-in-chief, the editor refused to organize a meeting and instead offered Futaba 300,000 yen to stay silent. Futaba spoke to the editor-in-chief anyway and spent the rest of the serialization working without an editor. They wrote that the experience left them very demoralized, even after the editor-in-chief came to apologize to them personally.

Futaba also posted an audio recording of the editor telling them not to publish the afterword or speak of the situation online, saying, "We won't be able to protect if you do that." They then tweeted that they are currently in communication with Shueisha through a lawyer, but Shueisha's side refuses to acknowledge Futaba's version of events, and so the artist has decided to post about it publicly. According to them, the editor they worked with is still employed at Shueisha.

The artist concluded their thread by stating that they will report back when they next hear from Shueisha, "even if it takes another month from now."

Futaba first began serializing The Girls School on Shueisha's web manga site "Tonari no Young Jump" and the app "Yanjan!" in October 2018. The 32nd and final chapter was published in August 2019, and the second compiled volume was published by Young Jump Comics in November.

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Source: Haru Futaba's Twitter account

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