BanG Dream! Announces New Violin Rock Band Morfonica

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Amane Shindō, Hina Suguta, Yūka Nishio, mika, Ayasa form real-life band

The BanG Dream! project announced in its “BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! @HHW CiRCLE Live Broadcasting Pre-3rd Anniversary Special” livestream on March 1 that a new band, Morfonica, will be added to the BanG Dream! Girls Band Party smartphone app. The violin rock band will be the fourth band attached to the project that will get live performances, following Poppin'Party, Roselia, and RAISE A SUILEN.

BanG Dream! released an animated music video for the song "Daylight" performed by Morfonica. It also posted the video on its YouTube channel.

The band consists of first year students from Tsukinomori Girls High School, a prestigious school for high-class girls. Its five members are: Mashiro Kurata (vocals), Tōko Kirigaya (guitar), Nanami Hiromachi (bass), Tsukushi Futaba (drums), and Rui Yashio (violin).

The real-life counterparts for the members of the band were announced during a commercial break for the sixth episode of BanG Dream!'s third season. Amane Shindō plays Mashiro Kurata, Hina Suguta plays Tōko Kirigaya, Yūka Nishio plays Nanami Hiromachi, mika plays Tsukushi Futaba, and Ayasa plays Rui Yashio.

The visuals for both the animated and real-life versions of the Morfonica cast are below:

The band members are slated to appear in the third anniversary livestream for BanG Dream! Girls Band Party on March 16. The vocalists from the other bands featured in the game will also make an appearance on the stream.

Bushiroad launched the BanG Dream! multimedia project in January 2015, and the company formed the Poppin' Party band for the project in February 2015. The BanG Dream! Girls Band Party! smartphone game launched in Japan in March 2017, and an English version launched in April. The third season of the TV anime premiered in January.

Source: Press Release (March 6)

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