Eromanga Sensei Opens Limited-Time Virtual Store in VRChat

posted on by Kim Morrissy
When you can't go outside but you still want to stock up on anime goods

Eromanga Sensei is opening a virtual shop via the Gugenka Virtual Shop inside the VRChat social platform from March 21 to April 26. Users will be able to navigate a 3D simulation of the store and interact with the avatars of shopkeepers. Perfect for a time when it's advisable to stay indoors.

The goods on display will be the items from the Eromanga Sensei exhibit at the Tokyo Anime Center in 2019. Although you'll only be able to buy virtual versions of the goods through the virtual shop, you can buy the physical goods from the e-commerce site Fun's Market Project.

In order to access the virtual store, you will need to be in an environment that can allow you to access VRChat. Up to 36 people will be permitted to connect to the store at any given time. You can access the store through a link which will be provided through a URL on the Gugenka Virtual Shop's website.

The Eromanga Sensei television anime aired in 2017. A two-episode OVA project shipped on home video in Japan last year.

Sources: Comic Natalie

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