Ōgaki City Produces 2 Promotional Anime Shorts

posted on by Kim Morrissy

The Ōgaki City in Gifu Prefecture was previously the setting of the acclaimed Kyoto Animation film A Silent Voice. Now the city is producing its own anime shorts in a bid to boost tourism. The two videos were posted on Pony Canyon's YouTube channel on Monday.

The first short is titled "Gakitabi! ~Seishun Oshiro-hen~" (Journey to Ōgaki! Youth Castle Chapter), and features an explanation of the history behind Ōgaki Castle, the Ōgaki Festival, and the Sunomata Ichiya Castle. It was directed by Maiko Aida at asurafilm. Illustrator Kanata Natsumi is credited for the character designs and animation.

The second video is titled "Ōgaki Matsuri ni Ikō yo!" (Let's Go to the Ōgaki Festival), and tells the story of a girl named Ann who wants to go the festival with her childhood friend Yūki, but has trouble asking because they recently had a fight. The anime was directed by Mari Hamamoto at Lunch BOX. There is no character design credit.

Both anime shorts were written by BanG Dream! writer Kou Nakamura, whose hometown is Ōgaki City. They feature a voice cast of Suzuko Mimori as Ann, Shun Horie as Yūki, Haruka Yoshimura as Mio, and Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Akechi. Pony Canyon was the coordinating producer for both shorts.

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