Yoko Kanno Is Making Music in Her Bathtub These Days

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Starts 'Session Starducks' project with Cowboy Bebop's Seatbelts to create music while at home

What's an artist to do when you've been told to stay at home? Continue to make music, of course. Acclaimed composer Yoko Kanno has started a project with the Cowboy Bebop group Seatbelts called "Session Starducks," which aims to connect people across the world with music, all while staying at home. Their first project is to recreate the Macross Frontier opening theme song "Lion" while each member stays at their own home.

Fellow musician Mataro Misawa, who plays the drums, posted a video of everyone playing their parts for the song. Notably, Yoko Kanno is sitting in her bathtub in the center of the video. Halfway through the video's runtime, she stands up and starts jamming along to the music.

Notably, the song doesn't have any vocalists yet. Session Starducks is currently auditioning for vocalists and other musicians for a variety of parts. They are even looking for volunteer translators and "ideas people."

The project describes itself in English as follows:

Session Starducks is led by ‘Captain Duckling’. The session will reach out beyond time and space as we all contribute together. Only good kid staying-at-home like a good dog can participate.Using the SEATBELTS as our background music, wouldn't we like a chance to roar forth like a lion? From now on, good kids who are not good at Japanse, please use, lol.

Seatbelts is also offering private lessons and/or chats with people who are "stay-at-home like a good dog." You can apply through Yoko Kanno's personal website.

[Via Gwyn Campbell]

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