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Interspecies Reviewers Gets Official Mayo Crim Merch

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

In the eighth episode of Interspecies Reviewers, the staff decided to have fun with the series' censorship by transforming the angel character Crim into a bottle of mayonnaise. Crim's new censor-friendly form didn't stop the episode from its usual fanservice but it did open a new world of marketing opportunities.

Retailer Groove Garage is selling four items featuring Angel Mayo: stickers of the mayo branding logo, a memo stand, an acrylic keychain, and a t-shirt. Groove Garage points out that the T-shirt "can be worn everyday since it just looks like a cute angel logo."

Interspecies Reviewers was easily one of the most controversial anime series of the winter season, in no small part due to its boundary-pushing sexual content. The over-the-air channel Tokyo MX canceled its airing of the anime at the behest of the Tokyo Metropolitan Television channel company's management. The Sun TV channel in Kobe canceled its airing for a similar reason.

Funimation removed the series from its streaming service on January 31, stating, "After careful consideration, we determined that this series falls outside of our standards." The company stated it decided to take down the series altogether instead of altering the content. Amazon Prime Video removed both the English-dubbed and English-subtitled versions of the anime in the first week of February.

Amahara and masha's manga series follows an intrepid trio as they decide to get a "taste" of their monstrous world's red light district. Yen Press licensed the manga, and it describes the story:

Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder! From elves to succubi to cyclopes and more, the Interspecies Reviewers rate the red-light delights of all manner of monster girls…the only thing is, they can never agree on which species is the hottest!

Source: Comic Natalie

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