Condom Battler Goro Web Anime Advertises Okamoto Condoms

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The Okamoto Condoms brand released a series of short web anime videos on Friday titled Condom Battler Goro. As the title suggests, the anime is about anime characters who fight with condoms in order to promote safe sex in an amusing way, featuring a main character who looks an awful lot like Ash Ketchum and plot devices straight out of Dragon Ball.

Although the episodes are numbered in a way to suggest that this is an epic and long-running series, only four episodes have actually been released, capturing the key moments from the story.

Episode 1: "The Birth of Condom Battler Goro"

Episode 19: "The Survival Exam Commences"

Episode 45: "The Kondomu (Spirit Martial Arts) Championship Tournament Begins"

Episode 56: "Farewell, Beloved Goro"

The story ends with Goro discovering his father... who fatefully did not use a condom, which resulted in his beloved son being born. Goro says a painful farewell, and resolves to keep using condoms until the time comes when he too is prepared not to use them.

Okamoto Condoms is no stranger to making wacky ads; its "Condom Training Camp" series of ads went viral around the world in 2017.

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