Chinese Director Releases 3DCG Evangelion Tribute Short Film

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Chinese director Somei Sun released the full version of his 3DCG Evangelion tribute short film on Vimeo on Saturday. The film is titled Evangelion: It Can (Not) Be True.

EVANGELION 超•現實 from SOMEI 晟 on Vimeo.

The short film was initially created for the limited-edition OPPO Ace2 EVA smartphone, which was released in China in the beginning of June. OPPO uploaded to the Chinese video streaming service Bilibili on May 28.

Somei commented on his film in English: "Evangelion is an anime that was crazy and obsessed in my childhood. This year its final theater version will be released soon. I also hope to use my way to commemorate this animation throughout my growing period. Every eva movie has a subtitle. I also chose a name for my work [√], pronounced: 'true'. The meaning is realistic. Because the core purpose of this creation is to try to make the EVA world real. On the other hand, you can also see some real-world images added to the dream section of the film."

On the film's Behance page, Somei also mentioned that "When this project was made, terrible viruses swept the world. We need to wear masks to isolate each other, just like ATfield in the anime. But we still connect with each other through eyes and give each other strength. So we captured some warm images during this outbreak." The page compiles images and design materials from the films, and includes a short making-of video.

The film's credits are listed below:

  • Creation and Direction: Somei
  • Main Creation: Somei, LIGO, Zaoeyo, MoGroup
  • EVA-01 Modeling: JOJO
  • Base Modeling: Mash
  • Texture Painting: LIGO
  • Character Design: Wei-Hsiang Zeng, Somei
  • Monster Design: MV8
  • Rigging: Kangddan
  • VFX: Shuifx
  • Product Render: Jason
  • Shooting, Composition, Subtitling, Making of: Young
  • Animation, Lighting, Rending, Compositing: Somei, LIGO, Zaoeyo, MoGroup
  • Edit, TC: Somei
  • Special Thanks: Neo, Lewis rton, Young Jo, Mark Chang, Jaskni Momentor, OPPOACE, khara, Crystal, KIKI

MoGroup Members:

  • AnnLiu
  • ChenYou
  • Flolin
  • Syris
  • Woozie

The film features the Evangelion: 2.0 You Can [Not] Advance insert song "Tsubasa wo Kudasai" by Megumi Hayashibara with Special Kids as chorus.

[Via Catsuka]

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