Evangelion Teams Up With Japan Weather Association for Disaster Prevention Information Campaign

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The Japan Weather Association has released an information pamphlet regarding disaster prevention and precaution measures in collaboration with the Evangelion series. The pamphlet features fonts from the anime series and is called the "Disaster Prevention Knowledge Instrumentality Project" in reference to the series' "Human Instrumentality Project."

The pamphlet, which is being distributed through Evangelion's official LINE account as well as through the project's official website, gives practical tips to maximize personal safety and limit damage in the event of a natural disaster such as an earthquake or typhoon. It is currently only available in Japanese.

It's not a surprise to see the Evangelion franchise get involved with disaster prevention matters. Last year, Gehirn Web Services launched an iOS app called "Tokumu Kikan NERV Bōsai Apuri" (Secret Organization NERV Disaster Prevention App) on September 1, which is "Disaster Prevention Day" in Japan. It's also worth noting that the entire plot of Evangelion revolves around preventing disasters and protecting humanity.

The Japan Weather Association was founded in 1950 as a weather consultant. According to its English website, the association "is actively participating in public-private projects in the disaster-prevention and the environment sector."

Source: Anime! Anime! Biz

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