A Certain Magical Index Author Kazuma Kamachi Publishes His 100th Novel Through Dengeki Bunko

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2nd Sо̄yaku Toaru Majutsu no Index novel shipped on Friday

On Friday, author Kazuma Kamachi published the second volume of his Sо̄yaku Toaru Majutsu no Index (Genesis Testament: A Certain Magical Index) light novel series, the third part of the A Certain Magical Index saga. According to Kamachi's Twitter account, the release of this book marks the 100th novel the author has published through Dengeki Bunko.

Series illustrator Kiyotaka Haimura drew an illustration to commemorate the occasion, which Kamachi's Twitter account posted:

Other illustrators who have worked on Kamachi's novels also submitted their congratulations. The artists include Apocalypse Witch illustrator Mika Pikazo, The Unexplored Summon://Blood-Sign illustrator Waki Ikawa, Kantan na Monitor desu (A Simple Monitoring) illustrator Shin Kasai, Intellectual Village no Zashiki Warashi (The Zashiki Warashi of Intellectual Village) and Saikyō o Kojiraseta Level Counter Stop Kenseijo Beatrice no Jakuten Sono Na wa "Buu Buu" (The Weakness of Beatrice the Level Cap Holy Swordswoman That Made Being the Strongest Even More Trouble–His Name? "Boo Boo") illustrator Mahaya, and Heavy Object illustrator Ryō Nagi.

Kamachi is an infamously prolific author, having published a novel every month between 2014 and 2016. He is best known for the A Certain Magical Index and Heavy Object series, both of which have been adapted into television anime series. Outside Dengeki Bunko, he has published Magistellus Bad Trip for Dengeki's New Literature imprint, as well as Madō Hacker (Magic Hacker) and Bishōjo Kunoichi-chan-tachi ga Sensei no Himitsu wo Nozoite Mita Kekka (The Result of Peeking at the Beautiful Kunoichis' Teacher's Secret) for LINE Bunko Edge. He has also written for magazine and web novel serializations.

Source: Kazuma Kamachi's Twitter account

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