RADWIMPS Band's Yōjirō Noda Attracts Backlash After Pro-Eugenics Tweet

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RADWIMPS lead vocalist Yōjirō Noda has been a source of online backlash for over a week after publishing a tweet described as "Pro-Eugenics." On July 16, he tweeted: "I've talked about this before, but I think there should be a national project to determine the spouses of people with monster genes like Shohei Ohtani, Sōta Fujii, and Mana Ashida."

Later that day he claimed that the tweet was a "joke" after "getting a lot of people responding super seriously." A number of the top responses to his original tweet compared his statements to Nazism.

"There might be other people saying this in the replies, but the Nazis did exactly this," wrote one commenter. "In Germany, they gathered the Aryan people who were regarded as having the 'superior' genes for their blonde hair and blue eyes and carried out a secret project to create the 'superior Aryan community.'"

Another response stated: "You're confusing humans and thoroughbred horses. It's scary how quickly 'Let's preserve the superior genes' becomes 'Let's remove the inferior genes.' It's vital for the diversity of seeds to persist from an evolutionary standpoint as well."

Backlash from the tweet has persisted for well over a week, with many of the top replies dating from July 25 or later.

Noda previously attracted negative attention last year for criticizing Japan's purchase of 105 F-35 aircrafts from the U.S.

The band RADWIMPS performed the music and theme songs for Makoto Shinkai's acclaimed anime film your name. and Weathering With You. The band's collaboration with your name. brought them to top of the Oricon charts and marked RADWIMPS' first #1 album.

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