Hypnosis Mic Explains Hip-Hop Lingo For Beginners

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Hip-hop artist Zeebra serves as instructor in 12-part YouTube video series

The Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- Rhyme Anima anime released its first video explaining the basics of hip-hop on Monday.

Hip-hop artist Zeebra serves as the instructor in this video, explaining the concepts to Ichirō Yamada voice actor Subaru Kimura. Zeebra explains how hip-hop has historically been a form of music that represents a local community, and this spirit is maintained in Hypnosis Mic because the characters "represent" different parts of Japan. He also explains the meaning of the English word "represent" and how in Japanese the pronunciation has been simplified into the word "repezen."

There will be 12 explanatory videos in total, released on Aniplex's YouTube on Mondays and Fridays.

In the coming weeks, the franchise's official website also plans to release more information about getting into Hypnosis Mic. It will release a character relationship chart, a recommended playlist of songs for people who have not listened to the music, a glossary of hip-hop and rap terms, and a manga which will profile the characters.

The rap-themed project features voice actors who rap in the personas of original characters, and it launched in September 2017. The Hypnosis Mic performers are Ikebukuro Division Busters Bros (Subaru Kimura, Haruki Ishiya, Kōhei Amasaki), Yokohama Division Mad Trigger Crew (Shintarō Asanuma, Wataru Komada, Shin'ichirō Kamio), Shibuya Division Fling Posse (Yusuke Shirai, Sōma Saitō, Yukihiro Nozuyama), Shinjuku Division Matenrō (Sho Hayami, Ryūichi Kijima, Kent Itō), Osaka Division Dotsuitare Hompo (Kengo Kawanishi, Ryōta Iwasaki, Takaya Kuroda), and Nagoya Division Bad Ass Temple (Yūki Sakakihara, Shouta Hayama, Eiji Takeuchi). (The last two units are not yet listed in the anime's credits.)

Hypnosis Mic songs have a way of going viral online. A trailer featuring CHU-OH-KU's Kotonoha Party's debut song “Femme Fatale” accumulated over 5 million views in just a single week. Hypnosis Mic music videos regularly get over a million views on YouTube.

Hypnosis Mic's first full album Enter the Hypnosis Microphone launched on April 24. The group earned the top spot as the most popular voice actor Twitter account in Japan for 2018. The project includes multiple manga tie-ins, a mobile game, stage plays, and live events.

The anime will premiere in Japan on October 2.

Source: Comic Natalie

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