Follow the Love Story Between Model and Her Secret Boyfriend in Anime Music Video Series

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HoneyWorks creates music videos featuring vocals by Sora Amamiya, Gero

HoneyWorks' latest animated music video in the "Confess Your Love Committee: Romance Series" continues the sweet love story between a girl who works as a model/actress and her secret boyfriend. "Suiyōbi no Yakusoku" was released on vocalist Gero's official YouTube channel on Tuesday.

In the music video's story, Midori Hamanaka (voiced by Gero) goes out on secret dates with Sena Narumi (who is voiced by Sora Amamiya) while struggling with his yearning for a more open relationship. In spite of that, he wants to be supportive of her and strives to become the kind of man she can rely upon.

The couple's story began in 2014 with the "Kinyōbi no Ohayō" (Friday's Good Morning) music video. It was followed by the "Nichiyōbi no Himitsu" (Sunday's Secret) video in 2017 and the "Kakkoyoku Naritai" (I Want to Be Cool) video in July 2020.

The videos in the series so far are shown below:

"Kinyōbi no Ohayō"

"Nichiyōbi no Himitsu"

"Kakkoyoku Naritai"

The "Confess Your Love Committee: Romance Series" music videos includes I've Always Liked You and The Moment You Fall in Love and the Our love has always been 10 centimeters apart., which have been adapted into a film and television series respectively. HoneyWorks also worked on theme songs for Brothers Conflict, Tokyo Ravens, Blue Spring Ride, and After the Rain television anime.

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