hololive Virtual YouTubers Sakura Miko, Ookami Mio Return to Streaming After Hiatus

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Hiatuses were due to health, copyright issues respectively

hololive Virtual YouTubers Sakura Miko and Ookami Mio returned to streaming over the weekend after their respective hiatuses. Sakura Miko initially announced a 1-2 month break due to health issues, while Ookami Mio took a 1-month break due to copyright issues with video game livestreams.

On Saturday, Ookami Mio streamed a video of herself explaining that she took a hiatus due to a video in her channel's archive receiving a copyright strike. She thanked her fans for waiting for her and promised that she would be back to stay.

On Sunday, Sakura Miko's channel posted a video where Sakura Miko participated in a telephone game with her fellow hololive talent.

Miko's Twitter account has indicated that her health issues have been resolved for now. On August 23, she announced that she was going to stay in hospital for around a week, and on Monday she announced that she has been safely discharged. She has received her doctor's permission to return from the countryside to resume her activities.

Cover Corp, the company which runs the Virtual YouTuber agency hololive, announced on July 31 that Sakura Miko would take a 1-2 month break for health issues.

On August 5, Cover Corp released a statement on Twitter confirming Ookami Mio's 1-month hiatus. In July, the company issued an apology on its website for uploading contents without copyright permission. In order to proceed with proper streaming activities, a number of videos across all hololive channels were set to private or removed, and only the videos which have received clearance from copyright owners will be restored to the public domain. The company has since signed a contract with Nintendo and has obtained permission to stream Nintendo games. This applies to past streams as well.

Ookami Mio debuted on YouTube in December 2018. She is part of the hololive Gamers group alongside Shirakami Fubuki, Nekomata Okayu, and Inugami Korone. Sakura Miko debuted in August 2018.

Cover Corp was founded in 2016, and the Hololive Production project first launched in 2017. Around 50 Virtual YouTubers currently belong to hololive; according to the agency's English website, it has around 4.4 million fans on YouTube and 4 million on bilibili.

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