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Latest NisiOisin Novel is a Battle Royale Between Pregnant Women

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Delivery Room novel by Monogatari author ships on September 30

Monogatari author NisiOisin's latest novel, titled Delivery Room, has an unusual premise: Five pregnant women are invited to a mysterious battle royale-like situation with the prize of a healthy childbirth on the line.

Publisher Kodansha describes the novel as follows:

Miyako Mamamiya receives a letter of invitation. In it is written:

  • 500,000 yen participation fee
  • You will be given the unprecedented chance to secure a safe and happy childbirth, along with a bright future for your beloved child
  • You are required to enter the delivery room

Full of uncertainty about the absurd proposal, Miyako decides to accept the invitation. Five pregnant women, each with their own unique circumstances, gather together. What will happen from here? And who will the goddess of safe childbirth smile upon?!

The novel ships in Japan on September 30. The cover illustration is by Samehoshi.

In other NisiOisin-related news, his Shin Honkaku Mahō Shōjo Risuka series will be concluding in December. The series first began serialization in the literary magazine Faust. The first volume was published in 2004, and the series went on a 13-year hiatus after its third volume released in 2007. The fourth and final volume will be published in December. To commemorate the occasion, the first volume will be read aloud by voice actors in weekly livestreams starting from October 6. However, there is a twist: The cast will change every week. For the first installment, Aoi Yūki will play Risuka Mizukura, and Yuuki Kaji will play Kizutaka Kugi and the narrator.

NisiOisin is best known for writing the Monogatari and Zaregoto Series, both of which have been adapted into anime. He is also the author of the Boukyaku Tantei series, Katanagatari, Jūni Taisen, and other novels and short stories.

Sources: Moca-News, Kodansha Book Club via Edomonogatari

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