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Virtual YouTuber Agency hololive to Disband hololive CN Group (Updated)

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Update: Artia states information from stream and Twitlonger is no longer valid

Update (10/29)

Artia stated on Twitter that the earlier information from the Twitch stream and Twitlonger is no longer valid.

"To clarify, the twist longer (sic) and our stream meeting isn't valid anymore are due to we had a meeting with our company, and a lot of thing is going to reverse in the future. I am sad enough to mock myself as a clown. Also stop using girls to get attention. That is just cringe."

The earlier published article continues below.

Virtual YouTubers Artia and Civia announced on an English-language Twitch stream on Monday that they, along with other former members of the hololive CN (China) group, will be parting ways with hololive to become independent VTubers. In the stream, the girls explained that the agency was disbanding hololive CN, although the individual members will still be allowed to retain their names, Live2D models, and identities as they continue as independent streamers.

Because the disbandment process is still underway, the VTubers are currently in an in-between state. Although Civia apologized for not being able to do more streams at the moment, she assured viewers not to worry about the former hololive CN streamers because they will all retain the freedom to either continue streaming independently or join another company later. She thanked the fans for their concern and support.

Artia said that she did not have a plan for the immediate future, but she intends to take things one step at a time. Both streamers thanked hololive for giving them the chance to become VTubers, as well as their managers for being helpful.

Artia and Civia have changed their Twitter handles to remove "hololive" from them, although Artia's Twitch channel is still titled "artia_hololive" at the time of this article's writing. Artia also wrote a Twitlonger post explaining that she will no longer be associated with hololive in the future.

"No matter what, I still thankful to the company for giving me the chance to be a Vtuber on a bigger stage and I also met a lot of nice Vtuber friends," she wrote. "I cannot doubt that many of you guys followed me cause of the company title, but since we are parting away, if you here only for the company title, please unfollow me. But, I truly thankful for those who believe me and support me here, that is the reason I keep my stream going and I DO LOVE YOU ALL."

Update (10/28): Artia has deleted the tweet linking to the Twitlonger post.

The first generation of hololive CN debuted on the Chinese video streaming service bilibili in October 2019, and the second generation debuted in April this year. Altogether, six VTubers debuted before hololive CN was disbanded.

In September, the Japanese hololive VTubers Akai Haato and Kiryu Coco were suspended from streaming activities for three weeks due to "inappropriate remarks" and "unauthorized disclosure of YouTube channel analytics" they made in a livestream.

Kiryu Coco and Akai Haato's livestreams from last week originally included a segment where they revealed their channel's viewership demographics. Akai Haato's livestream was set to private at the time of this article's writing, while the video archive of Kiryu Coco's livestream has been cut at the 2:47 mark. Comments on the video infer that during the six minutes of deleted footage, Coco commented on her channel's viewership demographics by region. YouTube Analytics lists Taiwan and China as separate regions.

Proponents of the One-China principle seek reunification between Taiwan and China under the same sovereign state. This stance is opposed by supporters of the Taiwan independence movement, who seek to establish a Taiwanese identity separate from China.

Cover Corp was founded in 2016, and the first generation of hololive performers debuted in 2018. Over 50 Virtual YouTubers currently belong to hololive; according to the agency's English website, it has around 4.4 million fans on YouTube and 4 million on bilibili. The talents perform using intricate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. hololive English debuted in September.

Source: Artia's Twitch stream

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