Enchant Your Wedding with a Sailor Moon Inspired Wedding Reception

posted on by Choo Sum Lee

After the release of Sailor Moon themed marriage registration forms, engagement rings, and wedding dresses, fans wishing for a complete Sailor Moon wedding experience are only missing one final, crucial component: the wedding ceremony and reception itself. To that end, the official Sailor Moon Twitter account announced that they are collaborating with wedding venue and planner group Arc en Ciel to offer a themed wedding reception plan. This collaboration is intended as a follow-up to the aforementioned Sailor Moon wedding dress collection announced earlier this June, and, as you've probably guessed by now, comprises a larger "wedding project" by Sailor Moon.

The reception plan includes a specially themed full-course meal, a dessert buffet, drinks, a wedding cake, and a wedding board. The full-course meal is called the 5 Sailor Guardians' Specialties and each dish represents one of the original five Sailor Guardians.

Similarly, the dessert buffet is also inspired by Sailor Moon characters, and includes a variety of desserts such as lollipops, roll cakes, jellies, and bite-sized mini cakes.

Also available are four different varieties of wedding cakes, each with its own distinct characteristics and decorated with items from the world of Sailor Moon.

The drinks are non-alcoholic cocktails designed in the colors of the 10 Sailor Guardians.

Finally, guests will be greeted with a collaboration-exclusive welcome board featuring original drawings by series creator Naoko Takeuchi.

Bookings are currently being accepted, with the receptions scheduled to begin in February 2021. Further information will be announced after mid-December.

Source: Nijimen

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