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Dōjin Artist Announces They Will Stop Drawing Rei after Khara's Fanart Guidelines

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Guidelines ask fans to refrain from 'excessive monetization' and drawing 'pornographic' material

One day after Khara announced fanart guidelines for the Evangelion franchise, prominent fanartist Mogudan announced that they would no longer be drawing the popular Evangelion character Rei Ayanami. They will also stop creating new works involving the character on their fan site.

Mogudan, who is known for submitting R-18 drawings behind a paywall to various premium art submission websites, may have been reacting to the point in the guidelines which ask fans to refrain from drawing "violent, grotesque, pornographic, or otherwise offensive" material. Fans posting paywalled work are also asked to avoid "excessive monetization" and not to use their accounts primarily for Evangelion fan content.

A rough translation/summary of the guidelines is below:

  1. Fan activities should generally be done without monetary compensation or for commercial purposes. This includes using it to promote another work or service. Evangelion rights management company Groundworks must be contacted for permission to use the IP for commercial purposes.
  2. Fan works (video, images, novels, etc.) that follow the guidelines can be posted on social media services, illustration uploading services, novel submission services, and video uploading services, as long as these services mainly deal with all-ages content and have rules against profane content/behavior.
  3. Please ensure that you and your fan community have respect for the source material.
  4. Please refrain from creating works that: are hurtful to the source material or to another person; are created to further a specific religious or political agenda; express hateful points of view; are overly violent, grotesque, pornographic, or otherwise offensive; infringes on another creator's ownership rights; or are works that could be mistaken for an official product.
  5. Official images can be used for citation or referencing purposes, but this must be the only purpose for the usage, and you must please refrain from generally using video, music, and audio.
  6. Fans can submit works to the following premium services, as long as they follow the guidelines of those sites and agree that their accounts will not be used primarily for Evangelion fan content or for excessive monetization purposes: YouTube Live, Twitch, pixivSketch Live, Nico Nico Doga, Patreon, PixivFanbox, Ko-Fi.
  7. Do not release fan creations to announce something with a separate scope. Only release fan creations within the scope of the guidelines or under a similar license.
  8. Regardless of the contents of the guideline, the copyright owners reserve the right to halt a fan's activities in order to protect their personhood (honor, reputation, the attribution of their name, the identity of their work, etc.)
  9. The guidelines are subject to change at any point, depending on public reception and changes in society.

Khara is still evaluating rules for selling fanart or creating products out of fanart, and asks for the public to wait for further information. For details regarding the guidelines, please refer to the original document. Note that the translation should be used as a guide for understanding, and that the original document takes precedence in the event of a dispute.

[Via Otakomu]

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