French Director Has 1 Week to Complete Crowdfunding Campaign for a Macross Documentary

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Jonathan Cordier de Mello, a young French director (La Génèse de Gundam) also known as PINK PLATYPUS, is working on a documentary dedicated to the Macross franchise. To achieve this, the director has launched a crowfunding campaign on Kisskissbankbank.

Backers still have seven days to contribute to reach the goal of €15,000. At the time of publishing this article, €1,147 is still needed. If the crowdfunding reaches the level of €25,000, an English dub will be offered. The project's introduction reads:

The film will go back to the birth of Studio Nue in the early 70's, up to the productions of the first Macross series (1982-1983) and the film Do You Remember Love? (1984). Finally, I will discuss its American adaptation, Robotech (1985), produced by Harmony Gold. DO YOU REMEMBER MACROSS will explore many interviews from various archives as well as hundreds of visuals, drawings and photos, digitized in high resolution and mostly unpublished outside Japan. Once completed, it will be available for free on Vimeo, in French version (and English depending on the level reached) with optional English subtitles.

The visual above was made by Yom, French animator. A promotional video for the project has also been released:

Studio Nue launched the Macross franchise in 1982 with The Super Dimension Fortress Macross, a television anime series featuring the themes of a love triangle, music, and transforming fighter planes. Studio Nue worked with the advertising agency Big West and the anime studio Tatsunoko Production as production partners.

The franchse spawned three more television series (Macross 7, Macross Frontier, and Macross Delta), several theatrical films (starting with The Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love?), and several video series (including Macross II, Macross Plus, Macross Dynamite 7, and Macross Zero). Macross Delta aired from April to September of 2016, after a preview of the first episode in 2015. A new Macross Delta feature film and a new Macross Frontier short will open this year.

Source: Kisskissbankbank

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