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Fate/Grand Order Announces Big Gameplay Changes for Its 7th Anniversary

posted on by Richard Eisenbeis
Players can expect overall improvement to Quick cards

From announcements of long-awaited new servants and upcoming merch to talk shows with the creators and voice actors, there was a lot of new information to come out of Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2022 this past weekend. But perhaps most interesting to long-time players are the changes to the Japanese version's battle system—and how they will affect the game going forward.

The first change is an overall improvement to Quick cards. When used as the first card in the sequence played each turn, they will now grant a 20% increase in critical chance across all cards in that turn—including itself.

The second change is that playing three Quick cards in a turn will now grant 20 critical stars instead of 10, massively increasing the critical chance of all attacks on the following turn.

The third change is perhaps the most significant of them all. Instead of just getting a chain bonus for three Quick, Arts, or Buster cards played on a single turn, there is now a new chain bonus for playing one card of each type in a single turn. This new chain bonus gives all three cards played the following buffs: Attack up, Noble Phantasm charge up, Critical Star Rate up, and Critical Chance up by 20%.

And as each character has at least one of each card type, you might wonder what would happen if they make a chain with one of each type of card by themselves. The answer is that all the above bonuses apply to not only the three cards played but the Extra Attack card as well.

As the longstanding meta in Fate/Grand Order is to build a team (be it Arts, Buster, or Quick centric) that can use a Noble Phantasm three turns in a row, these updates could vastly affect how viable many characters are in endgame teams. These changes also give servants a massive powerup in those times when you are controlling only a single character in battle—not only increasing their damage but helping them use their Noble Phantasm much quicker than previously. It's safe to say that a sizable chunk of what we've taken for granted for the past seven years has just been thrown out the window.

And while Japanese players are being thrown right in the deep end, for all US players, well, at least you have something big to look forward to.

Fate/Grand Order Fes. 2022 ~7th Anniversary~ took place at Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, from July 30, 2022, to July 31, 2022.

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