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Guilty Gear -Strive-'s Bridget Affirms Her Trans Identity In New Arcade Mode Footage

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Bridget joined the game as a DLC character on Monday

Arc System Works' Guilty Gear -Strive- fighting game launched its "Season 2" DLC on Monday, featuring its sixth playable DLC character Bridget.

Bridget is a popular recurring character in the series, a crossdressing nun who wields a mean yo-yo. She first debuted in Guilty Gear X2 as a boy presenting as female due to a negative superstition in her village about same-sex twins.

In Strive, every playable character gets a mini-story demonstrating how they've changed since their previous appearance, and Bridget is no different in this regard. Strive's arcade mode tells a sweet story about her doing some soul-searching, as Goldlewis and Ky tell her that she can be whoever she wants to be. In one the Stage 8 endings, Goldlewis asks if he should refer to her as a "cowgirl" or a "cowboy", to which Bridget responds: "Cowgirl is fine! Because... I'm a girl!"

This ending can be obtained by losing a round in stage 7. Other stage endings do not specifically mention gender identity, but they do show Bridget taking heart from Ky's courage to hold fast to his ideals, regardless of what others think. After completing the entire mode, Bridget declares that she wants to live true to her own self too.

You can watch the dialogue for every ending in the video below:

Taken in full, the significance of Bridget's story is open to any player's personal interpretation, but many fans are delighted to see the game openly acknowledge transgender identity as one of the many facets of Bridget's character.

[Via Kotaku]

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