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Golden Kamuy Penis Sizes Officially Ranked By Manga's Creator

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Satoru Noda finally caves to reader demand

In a new interview with Shueisha Online, Golden Kamuy manga creator Satoru Noda has finally caved to reader demand by providing a ranking of the characters' penis sizes. He remarked that among the 2,200 questions he received for the fan book, the most popular request was for a penis size ranking. "Perverts," he thought.

In any case, the readers have asked, and Noda is now delivering.

And so, without further ado, the Golden Kamuy characters with the largest penis sizes are as follows:

Ushiyama > Tanigaki > Boutarou > Kiroranke > Kikuta > Ariko > Ienaga > Vasily > Nihei > Lightning Bandit > Tsukishima > Tsurumi

In addition, Noda stated that Sugimoto, Ogata, Usami, Hijikata, and Koito are all average-sized, while Shiraishi is slightly smaller than average. As a final nugget of information, Boutarou's body is tall and slender, and that is also reflected in his penis.

Of course, according to Noda, it's not just pure size that matters; it's how you wield it.

Noda also answered other questions in the interview that didn't make it into the fan book, like his favorite Genjirou moments and a funny anecdote about Ogata from his Russo-Japanese War days. He also addresses his intentions with representing Ainu culture in the series, stating that he wanted the story to be an entertaining adventure tale first and foremost so that it could properly serve as a gateway to readers. He hoped to represent Ainu culture positively, while depicting both Japanese and Ainu individuals fairly as humans with both good and bad traits.

Satoru Noda launched the manga in Shueisha's Young Jump magazine in 2014, and ended it on April 28. The fourth season of the Golden Kamuy anime debuted on Monday.

Source: Shueisha Online via Golden Kamuy Central

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