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Hayao Miyazaki's Fried Egg Topping Opinions Spark Friendly Twitter Debate

posted on by Kim Morrissy
The acclaimed Ghibli director thinks fried eggs go best with Worcestershire sauce

Fried egg toppings are serious business in Japan. The style of frying eggs with an unbroken yolk might be a western import, but that hasn't stopped many Japanese households from spicing it up in their own way, with soy sauce being a prevalent condiment choice. Others follow the traditional western method of seasoning with salt and pepper.

In this cultural context, Hayao Miyazaki's opinions are brave and controversial. According to a tweet from Studio Ghibli's Twitter account on January 17, Miyazaki believes that "Fried eggs are western food, so it should go with [Worcestershire] sauce."

The Twitter account reported that Miyazaki's words "settled the debate," but this didn't satisfy Japanese Twitter users. As some pointed out, the logic that all western dishes should have Worcestershire sauce doesn't quite add up. But most importantly, many people simply had different food preferences.

Ghibli's Twitter account held an impromptu poll asking users for their favorite topping to settle the debate for a second time. A whopping 179,223 users voted in this sweeping demonstration of democracy.

And the results... Soy sauce came out on top at 53.1%. This was followed by salt and pepper (31.7%). Miyazaki's choice of Worcestershire sauce came a distant third at just 10%.

According to Ghibli's Twitter account, the results were reported to Miyazaki, who responded: "Oh, is that so?"

Incidentally, the results match another online poll from 2020. Soy sauce really is that popular on fried eggs.

Thanks to DokoMadeMo for the news tip.

[Via SoraNews24, Otaku USA]

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