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hololive Performers Appointed Ambassadors For Weiẞ Schwarz 15th Anniversary

posted on by Kim Morrissy
hololive is a big part of the TCG's meta game these days

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The perennial favorite anime crossover card game Weiẞ Schwarz is celebrating its 15th anniversary on March 29. To commemorate the occasion, Bushiroad announced on Tuesday that it will hold a presentation with four official ambassadors from the hololive Virtual YouTuber agency: Sakura Miko, Hoshimachi Suisei, Moona Hoshinova, and Takanashi Kiara.

Weiẞ Schwarz first added hololive cards last May. According to the card game makers, hololive quickly became popular in the Weiẞ Schwarz meta game, not just because of the popularity of the brand, but because the variety of cards allowed for many different deck builds. hololive decks were particularly prominent at the Bushiroad Spring Fest 2022 events in Sydney and Manila last July.

Bushiroad is streaming video messages from the four ambassadors, with official English translations/transcripts provided below:

Sakura Miko: Nya-hello! I'm hololive's Miko-esque Elite, Sakura Miko!

I'm so grateful to be chosen as the ambassador for Weiẞ Schwarz!

I think collaborating with various characters from different titles is the special charm point of Weiẞ Schwarz, and honestly speaking I used to try really hard to get an autographed card from Weiẞ Schwarz for my favorite anime title before joining hololive!

That was one of the reasons why I was so happy to find out that hololive would be part of Weiẞ Schwarz! I remember feeling a bit strange when I was egosurfing and saw that my listener's were trying hard to get my autographed card. I miss those times. As an ambassador of Weiẞ Schwarz, I will continue to do my best so that more and more people will come to know of and enjoy this game! So, let's! Weiẞ Schwarz!!

Hoshimachi Suisei: Hello everyone! I'm Hoshimachi Suisei, a vtuber from hololive production! I have been appointed as the ambassador for Weiẞ Schwarz!

For the longest time, whenever I saw a Weiẞ Schwarz commercial, I've always thought it looked interesting due to the variety of cards, but I never would've thought that I'd have my own card and become an ambassador! You never know what life has in store for you~ Let's get excited for the 15th anniversary of Weiẞ Schwarz!

Let's Weiẞ Schwarz!!

Moona Hoshinova:: Moon Moon, it's Moona! Hello everyone! I'm Moona Hoshinova from hololive Indonesia. I've finally become a “Weiẞ Schwarz ambassador”!

I will work hard to spread Weiẞ Schwarz to lots of people, so please support me! Since I've become a Weiẞ Schwarz ambassador, please make my cards suitably powerful! Everyone, do you have it? Congratulations on the 15th anniversary of Weiẞ Schwarz! Let's Weiẞ Schwarz!!

Takanashi Kiara: Kikkeriki! Hello everybody, this is Takanashi Kiara from hololive English. And I'm here to announce that I have been chosen as an ambassador for Weiss Schwarz! Yay!!!

I am very honored to be in such a position, and I hope that with me and the other ambassadors' power together we can share Weiss Schwarz all over the world. And we can spread the love and interest for it together. More and more people to play it! Yeah, with us!

I heard that the hololive cards are pretty powerful, and my cards especially! So if you guys are gonna use them to play with them. And I also want to practice a lot to get really good if possible. Yeah!

So, I'm gonna do my best. Let's celebrate the 15th Anniversary of Weiss Schwarz together. And, Let's Weiss Schwarz!!! Yay!!! よろしくお願いしまーす!Yay!!! I look forward to your support!

Weiẞ Schwarz is a two-player trading card game featuring characters from over 130 licensed anime properties. The franchise inspired a Weiß Survive manga, which in turn inspired two seasons of television anime shorts.

Source: Press Release

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