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Keiichi Arawi Shares Why He Resumed Nichijō Manga After 6 Years

posted on by Kim Morrissy
Manga originally ended in 2015 with 10 volumes; resumed in October 2021

The beloved 4-panel comedy manga Nichijō first ended in 2015 with 10 volumes. But in October 2021, manga creator Keiichi Arawi resumed the series after nonchalantly announcing on Twitter that he wanted to draw it again.

Last Monday, German manga news website Manga Passion published an interview with Arawi that goes into more detail about his motivations for returning. He remarked that he initially ended the manga because of burnout, and that his plan was to transition into the less strenuous work of illustration for novels. However, after taking a break, he discovered that he still had the hunger to create manga. This was why, in September 2016, he launched the CITY manga. After he ended the series in February 2021, he then started thinking about resuming Nichijō.

Fan letters also played an important role. Arawi revealed that he was moved by how he continued to receive letters from around the world even years after the manga ended.

As for his plans for the future of the series, Arawi gave a rambling and amusing non-response: travel the world, get in touch with people who like Nichijō, enjoy alcohol and delicacies from different regions, pour his heart out to others, comfort people and let them comfort him, get drunk and hungover the next day, watch a game of the local soccer team, say goodbye to familiar faces, meet new people in another place, draw landscape paintings there, sell them and start a new life, meet a nice person, fall in love, start a romance, have children somewhere in the loop between quarrel and reconciliation, and then draw a manga about raising children. Somewhere within that very elaborate plan, he also said that he intends to continue working on Nichijō.

Vertical also released Arawi's Nichijō and Helvetica Standard manga in English. Both of the manga inspired the Nichijō TV anime by Kyoto Animation in 2011. The anime draws from stories in both manga. Crunchyroll streamed the anime as it aired in Japan.

Source: Manga Passion via Animehunch

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