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The Marines & FBI Will Be Exhibiting at Anime NYC

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
And the U.S. Army, too

ANN's coverage of Anime NYC 2023 sponsored by Yen Press and Ize Press!

Image via twitter.com

“From the hall of artist alley to the shores of Hall 3E. We will watch all the series at Anime NYC.” should be what the U.S. Marine Corps sings during Anime NYC 2023.

The annual Anime NYC convention is just around to corner, and all the official exhibitors are set. Lots of anime-related companies and familiar faces like Aniplex of America, Bandai Namco Amusement, Bushiroad USA, and Good Smile Company will be in attendance. But the two standouts are the U.S. Marine Corps and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Why both institutions are there is kind of a mystery.

In their booth description the U.S. Marine Corps said the following:

As a military partner of the 2023 Anime Con, the United States Marine Corps invites you see what drives Marines. Stop by Booth #373 to compete in our Battle Dome, and let's talk about both what it takes to become a Marine and what it means to fight and win as one. Perhaps you have the perseverance, will to win and indomitable fighting spirit we're looking for. Let's find out at the 2023 NYC Anime Con!.”

Judging by the statement, the U.S. Marine Corps will be at Anime NYC for the purpose of recruitment. It's understandable they would do this, as each U.S. military branch is trying unique methods of reaching their recruitment goals. Yet, on Anime NYC's announcement on Twitter, there were some voices speaking out against the U.S. Marines Corps' attendance.

One Twitter user by the name of Fieryone said of the U.S. Marine Corps attendance, “I'd rather you not be partnered with the Military.” Another by the name Ñåthåñ made the quip, “A solider in the barracks after watching his friends die in humvee explosion listening to mfs signing the Demon Slayer theme song” with an attached image of Homelander from the series The Boys. Anime NYC has since disabled replies to their initial tweet.

The FBI is a whole different matter. On the Anime NYC exhibitors list, the FBI has no description of its booth. Looking over the FBI and FBI New York Twitter accounts, there is no mention or announcement of their attendance at the convention. Anime News Network reached out to Anime NYC for comment, and MK Goodwin, VP of Anime Portfolio for Anime NYC, said, “The FBI has secured booth space at Anime NYC 2023. And just like any of our other exhibitors and sponsors, we feel they recognize the value of Anime fans as an intelligent, forward-thinking, and creative community.” We were also informed our inquiries were passed on to the FBI. Unfortunately, the FBI did not respond before the start of the convention. So, its attendance at Anime NYC is shrouded in mystery.

Seeing military and law enforcement institutions at an anime convention may be unsettling and odd for some. But it's a new reality we may have to deal with. Or this might be a one-off thing for both institutions to test the waters of recruitment at anime conventions.

Update: Typo fixed. Thanks, varmintx.

Update 2: The U.S. Army is also exhibiting at Anime NYC. Its exhibitor list entry reads:

The U.S. Army invites you to stop by booth 367 and check out our 360 Photobooth, make a personalized dog-tag, and take home some Army Swag! Join like-minded Army personnel who share a passion for anime and discover what the Army can offer you. With over 170 career paths, robust education benefits, and exciting job opportunities, the Army is a wide-open frontier to helping you Be All You Can Be!

Source: Anime NYC's X (formerly Twitter) account

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