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Wonderful Precure! Girls, Crayon Shin-chan Cross Over Into Each Others' Anime

posted on by Ken Iikura-Gross
It's not the first time Crayon Shin-chan has invaded a magical girl anime

Crayon Shin-chan is among the most iconic — and longest-running — family anime in Japan, having been on the air since April 1992. And in those three decades, the series has had a handful of crossovers with other anime. Wonderful Precure! joins that list this weekend.

Image via twitter.com

The preview for the May 18 episode of Crayon Shin-chan and the Wonderful Precure! anime's X (formerly Twitter) account announced the crossover. Wonderful Precure! protagonists Komugi Inukai and Iroha Inukai will appear in the May 18 episode of Crayon Shin-chan, and Shinosuke “Shin-chan" Nohara and his dog Shiro will appear in the May 19 episode of Wonderful Precure!

#クレヨンしんちゃん [Crayon Shin-chan]” x “#わんだふるぷりきゅあ! [Wonderful Precure!]”
A miraculous collaboration episode broadcast has beed decided✨📺

#クレしん [CryShin]” will feature Komugi & Iroha on Saturday, May 18
#わんぷり [WonPre]” will feature Shinnosuke and Shiro!!👀 on Sunday, May 19

Look forward to this one-time special collaboration🐾

The cast and staff have also left messages👇

In the Shin-chan episode preview posted on YouTube, Shin-chan and his dog Shiro transform into Precure to fight a Garugaru monster from Wonderful Precure! In turn, the Wonderful Precure! preview talks about making a wish to a Kagamiishi, a natural bolder formation with a flat surface. While Shin-chan and Shiro aren't in most of the preview, they are seen ever so briefly at the end. Unfortunately, the Shin-chan preview is region locked to Japan.

Image via www.youtube.com
Image via www.youtube.com

Crayon Shin-chan and Magical Girl Anime

Surprisingly, this isn't the first time Crayon Shin-chan has crossed over with a magical girl anime. While they did not appear as their Crayon Shin-chan characters, Akiko Yajima (the voice of Shin-chan at the time) and Miki Narahashi (voice of Shin-chan's mother Misae) made voice cameos in the 15th episode of Sailor Moon S.

In the cameo scene, Sailor Moon character Chibi Usa is waiting for her fated person. After a doll of “Chin-chan” is thrown in Chibi Usa's direction, a handsome looking boy appears in front of her. Despite looking handsome, the boy has the mannerisms of Shin-chan And we're not talking modern Shin-chan — we're talking the early and crass Shin-chan where he'd take off his pants and do his elephant dance.

While the boy is traumatizing Chibi Usa, the boy's mother smacks him on his head and tells him to cut it out before dragging him off. The last voice clip we hear between Yajima and Narahashi is the boy accusing the mother of being a Yōma (the villains of Sailor Moon S) and the mother taking umbrage to that and smacking him once again.

While the scene from Sailor Moon S is funny, the comedy hasn't aged well. Seeing Chibi Usa essentially assaulted is uncomfortable to watch. But the crossover is still an iconic moment in both Sailor Moon and Crayon Shin-chan's history. So Crayon Shin-chan is no stranger to crossovers with magical girl anime, but the upcoming Precure crossover seems to lean on the tamer side.

While watching the May 18 episode of Shin-chan may be difficult for international audiences, episodes of Wonderful Precure! are available on Crunchyroll. So, if you're a Shin-chan and Wonderful Precure! fan, check this crossover out.

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