Journalism costs money. Reviewing every anime that is released, keeping news staff online 24/7, fact checking every article, and sending staff to cover events first hand in Tokyo and around the world costs a lot of money. Add on to that the cost of developing the website, bandwidth, and dealing with hackers, and at the end of year it costs a lot of money to keep Anime News Network running.

Advertising is no longer enough to support Anime News Network entirely. While some of our advertisers have remained very loyal to us, others have their own challenges and have no choice but to cut their budgets. This, combined with ad-blocking and dropping CPM rates means that, while it costs more than ever to operate Anime News Network, it's now harder than ever for us to finance our operations.

We're not a charity, so we're not going to ask you to “donate” money. But we have no choice but to ask our readers to help support us, as patrons.

Which is why we're asking you to subscribe. If every ANN reader would spend just $1 a month on ANN, in two months we'd make our entire budget for the year. We know money is tight for you too, and most of our readers won't be able to put that $1 in. But if you have the means, and if you think ANN is worth supporting, then please consider it.

With your help and support, we can continue to provide the kind of speedy, fact-checked, independent news we're known for. The more our readers chip in, the more we can do.

YOU GET (full subscription):

  • Turn off ads
    You can selectively turn off banners, rectangles, buttons, in-text links and even specific advertisers. Please note: We have no control over the advertising in embedded video content (ex: Crunchyroll, Hulu and YouTube).
  • Faster access
    Dedicated access to a server where only staff and subscribers may roam.
  • Access to the Community forum
    A place to hang around with other people who thought it was worth it to support ANN.
  • Customize your experience
    Increase the size of images in the encyclopedia, remove the sidebar from anime & manga pages, or request other modifications.
  • More like-minded users
    Increase how many people are listed when viewing public anime lists by like-minded users, and refresh the list as often as you want.
  • Exclusive give-aways
    We regularly give-away DVDs, Blu-Rays and other merchandise we've received to our subscribers. The give-aways occur in the community forum.
  • Other goodies
    From time to time we may have exclusive contests, skins, etc. We are also very open to suggestions for other goodies or improvements.
  • Our eternal gratitude

Basic Ad Removal

  • Basic ad Removal turns off all the network ads, but keeps our direct sales ads. No more ads for cars or insurance, just ads for anime and manga sold directly to companies like Viz Media, Aniplex of America, Funimation, Section 23, Yen Press, etc.
  • Our eternal gratitude


Why don't you offer 1-month plans? Our processor, PayPal, takes a minimum of $0.30 on every transaction. On $1 transactions we'd be giving PayPal 30%

How is this different from the subscriptions plans you've had all along? We're adding the $1 a month plan to make supporting ANN more accessible to as many people as possible. We know a lot of our readers would like to support ANN, but aren't interested in the features that our higher priced subscriptions offer.

What about that amazing subscription system you've been talking about for over a year? ANN hired two new developers in 2017. They're working through a huge backlog, and we expect to start development of the improved subscription system before the middle of this year. Hopefully we can even launch it before July. The new system will give subscribers a direct say in how their money is spent; you'll be able to specify if you want your subscription going to news, development, music reviews, etc… Everyone who subscribes today will be able to upgrade to the new system and carry over their balance towards the new plans that we will be announcing then.

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