posted on 2000-12-26 18:07 EST
Tobias Hoessl sent us this e-mail about It looks like a good site and I am glad that it has been translated. Below is the (important parts) of the e-mail.

At the URL (and one of the biggest anime fanart-archives (1700+ pictures from over 140 artists) has now an english version online.

It's an kind of community for all fanart-interested persons and
fanart-painters, where artists can upload their fanarts very easily and the persons seing them can write comments to the pictures so that the artists have direct feedback about what the people like about the pictures and what they can improve.

Until now this fanart-galery was only german and only one part of the
Animexx-Community an (which is with over 2000 members probably the biggest anime fanorganisation in germany), but now you can surf through the site without joining the community (however, the interactive parts need a registration in the community).

I'd appreciate if you would take this news on AnimeNewsNetwork (and bring it into proper english, since my english is nor very good ;-).

Tobias Hoessl

Check it out. It looks good.

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