Gundam License Plate Goes for $14,000

posted on by Christopher Macdonald
Hong Kong Auctions off vanity plates, Gundam plate goes for 110,00 HKD.

The Hong Kong government recently auctioned off 105 vanity license plates for charity. Requests for the license plates were submitted by car owners, and the most popular requests were then offered at the auction.

One of the plates auctioned off was "GUNDAM", which went for 110,000 HKD (US$14,100 approx.)

The most expensive plate was "1 LOVE U", which was auctioned off for 1.4 million HKD (US$180,000 approx.). Other popular plates included pop-culture references like "BEATLES", names like "JOHNNY" and Chinese sayings like "CCUE," which sounds like "see see yu yee" (everything goes according to one's will).

A full list of the 105 license plates that went up for auction can be seen here (PDF).

In total, the auction raised 11 million HKD (US$1.4 million) for charity.

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