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New Digital Manga Boys-Love Works Listed by Amazon.ca

posted on by Egan Loo
Titles from Yuna Aoi, Fuhri Misasagi, Naduki Koujima, Kyoko Wakatsuki, others

The Canadian version of the Amazon online retailer is listing the following boys-love titles from Digital Manga Publishing and its 801 Media imprint. Amazon's listings do not neccessarily indicate definite release plans.

Awaken Forest
Yuna Aoi (Taiyo)
May 20, 2009
"Yoshimoto is a rising editor who has a chance meeting with the wheelchair-bound author, Orito Suga, and his brother, Masato, at an industry bash. Masato's sad, yet alluring, smile entices Yoshimoto and leaves a strong impression on him. Shortly after there first encounter, Orito unexpectedly offers the young editor a position and Yoshimoto is asked to move in with him and his brother! Will a connection arise between Yoshimoto and Orito or between Yoshimoto and Masato?"

Various Authors
October 7, 2009
"DMP introduces new artists of the manga industry in this collection of doujinshi one-shots showcasing the US debut of Kometa Yonekura, Shiori Ikezawa, Haruki Fujimoto, and Goroh, among others!"

I've Moved Next Door to You
Fuhri Misasagi (Libre)
801 Media
November 15, 2009
"Takumi Kusunose is a man who loves the company of others and simply cannot abide being by himself. When he took responsibility for his company's losses by paying out of his own pocket, it nearly broke him. As a result, he was forced to move into a cheap apartment, but what happens when the sexy blonde guy next door begins making sexual advances at Takumi...?! And what happens when Takumi's former secretary shows up, turning Takumi and his neighbor's potential relationship into a love triangle?!"

Our Kingdom - Arabian Nights
Naduki Koujima (Libre)
December 2, 2009
"During a trip following a devastating heartbreak, Raoul meets the handsome Arabian prince, Asif! The prince is more radiant than the sun and Raoul finds himself captivated by Asif's beauty. Despite Raoul's vow never to let himself suffer heartbreak again, he wonders if this love is worth breaking his vow over. Filled with an endless supply of beautiful princes and valets, the popular Our Kingdom series brings you a delicious tale of exotic love!"

Wagamama Go-Man (novel)
By Kyoko Wakatsuki (Oakla)
Illusrated by Naduki Koujima
December 30, 2009
"Shizuku is an adorable and spunky high school student, but even he doesn't know the secret he's hiding. When Shizuku comes home from school one day, he's met by a stunningly beautiful man. This paragon of exquisite beauty, Doga, tells Shizuku that the Shizuku's true nature is that of a sexual mage. Doga is actually the king of the magical realm and that once every hundred years, right at the cusp of mating season, he has to take a sexual mage as his lover... What is Shizuku to do?!"

Source: Kuriousity

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