4 Anime Rank Among Top 40 Shows on Hulu in U.S.

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Naruto Shippūden was #6; Hulu, Netflix's differences in licensing outlined

Anime titles currently hold four spots in the list of the top 40 shows on the ad-supported Hulu online video streaming service and its subscription-based Hulu Plus component. Naruto Shippūden was the sixth most popular series on Hulu Plus, although it is now lower on the list among all Hulu titles. The other three anime titles are Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, and One Piece.

Currently, Hulu streams some 9,500 individual episodes of anime; its main competitor, Netflix, has around 4,000. The report also described some of Hulu's business practices, noting in particular that while Netflix licenses anime series from American companies for set cash amounts, Hulu's agreements usually stipulate payments based on portions of its advertising revenue. According to the New York Times newspaper, both companies pay relatively less for anime titles compared to other programming such as live-action American shows, and that makes up for anime's smaller audience.

In particular, Hulu and Funimation agreed this month to stream five new English-subtitled series within 48 hours of each episode's airing in Japan.

Source: New York Times

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