Siren Visual acquires Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

posted on by Jon Hayward
Noitamina title to be released on DVD in March 2013;

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 shows what would theoretically happen to Tokyo in the event of a powerful earthquake. In 2012 Mirai is visiting Tokyo's artificial Odaiba island with her brother Yuuki, however while they are on the island a powerful tremor registering 8.0 on the JMA scale emanates from an ocean trench. Tokyo begins to crumble, Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge are among the first to fall. The series follows Mirai and Yuuki as they make their way through the ruined city to their parents in Setagaya.

This 11 episode series was originally created for Fuji TV's Noitamina block in 2009 by studio Bones. The series is directed by Masaki Tachibana (.hack//Quantum, The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky) with script and series composition by Natsuko Takahashi (Moyashimon, Vandread) and character design by Atsuko Nozaki (The Legend of Heroes: Trails in The Sky).

While the series was originally released in 2009, in 2011 repeats of the show were replaced with other programming on Animax due to the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami in March of that year.

Siren Visual's release will take the form of a 2 disc complete collection with slipcase. The title will have english dub and subtitles and Bluray is currently unconfirmed. The scheduled release date is the 21st of March 2013.

Thanks to Elio from Siren Visual for confirming the details of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0's release.

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