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Rock Band Spyair Goes on Hiatus After Vocalist Tweets 'I'm Quitting'

posted on by Crystalyn Hodgkins
Vocalist Ike recovering from bronchitis, vocal chord polyps, inflammation

The official website for the Japanese rock band SPYAIR announced on Wednesday that the condition of vocalist Ike's throat is getting worse and so the band is cancelling its two shows in Tokyo and is officially going on hiatus. The band had been in the middle of its "Imagination" tour. The website revealed that Ike had been diagnosed with vocal chord polyps and acute inflammation of the vocal chords.

Earlier on Wednesday, Ike suddenly posted two posts on Twitter that said:

"I'm sending this post from a bed in a Hiroshima hotel from my iPhone in my right hand. I haven't been discussing this with anyone else. I made this decision on my own. Please listen. Please tell others."
"I'm quitting SPYAIR!"

SPYAIR guitarist UZ later posted on Twitter, saying "I will definitely not give up."

SPYAIR drummer Kenta also posted on Twitter:

"I am an idiot who can't protect the members, fans, or staff. It won't end like this. I'm sorry for worrying you all. All of the members will not give up!"

Kishidan lead singer Show Ayanocozey (DJ OZMA) also responded to Ike:

"Ike, don't do this. We are both a part of a band. You can't make this decision on your own. Band members deal with issues together even when we are moving forward and even when we are stopped. But first, I want you to please discuss this with your band members."

Glay band member Teru also responded to Ike's Twitter post to ask, "What happened?"

The band's official website added in its post on May 21 that "The reason for Ike's Tweet today is because a vocalist's duty is a very grave one, and his illness is getting worse. From now on SPYAIR will focus its actions on letting Ike recuperate, and at a later time we will provide more information on this site."

The website had announced May 6 that it had to cancel two of its shows in Nagoya on May 6 and 7 because Ike had gone to the hospital and was diagnosed with acute bronchitis. The band then revealed on May 9 that Ike went back to the doctor and was told that it was necessary that he rest for a while. The band then postponed its May 10 and May 12 shows in Sapporo and Sendai, respectively. SPYAIR then held its May 17 concert in Fukuoka as planned because it said Ike had recovered.

The official website added that since the band is now permanently cancelling its shows in Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, and Tokyo, that it will send out information in the next few days about refunds.

SPYAIR has performed theme songs for Gintama, Gintama', Samurai Flamenco, Bleach, Gundam AGE, and most recently, Haikyu!! The band debuted in Europe in a performance in Paris last September.

Former band member DJ Enzel announced in October 2012 that he would leave the band after it performed at Tokyo's Nippon Budokan event hall that December.

[Via Hachima Kiko (link 2, link 3)]

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