Digital Manga's Captain Ken Kickstarter Goes Live

posted on by Lynzee Loveridge

The North American publisher Digital Manga launched its Kickstarter campaign for Osamu Tezuka's two-volume Captain Ken manga on Tuesday. The company is looking to raise US$13,000 before July 3 to publish both volumes.

Digital Manga describes the story:

Captain Ken takes place in the future, when Earth has already colonized Mars as the new frontier. The story opens up with a diary entry from a Martian recalling the history of how the Earthlings came to be the supreme rulers of Mars.

"It started in the year 1983, when these 'Earthlings' landed on our home. Our ancestors approached the strange creatures, but that was when their terror began...we didn't know for how long this dark period would last. Then one day, he came..."

This savior is Captain Ken. He's a mysterious, young gunslinger from Earth who travels to Mars with his trusty sidekick and gadget-horse, Arrow. Ken and his friends soon find themselves caught between the cross fires of the Martian and Earthlings as the tension between the two species escalates.

If successful, the volumes will be sent to backers in February 2015 followed by a public release in March 2015. Reward perks for backers include a decal of Ken's horse, a spaceship bandana, a messenger back, and a plush.

If the campaign reaches its stretch goal of US$14,000, all backers will receive limited edition trading cards that can also be used as coupon vouchers for Digital Manga products at conventions. If the campaign reaches its US$16,000 stretch goal, all backers will receive the trading cards and two posters.

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