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Fate/hollow ataraxia PS Vita Game's Promo Streamed

posted on by Jennifer Sherman
Opening song & premise introduced in full-voiced port of Fate/stay night sequel PC game

Kadokawa began streaming the first promotional video for the PS Vita port of Type-Moon's Fate/hollow ataraxia PC game on Friday. The video features Aimer's opening theme song "Broken Night."

Narrator: Now, let us continue the Holy Grail War.
Text: Let me ask you: Art thou my master?
Text: This is the story that continues Fate/stay night.
Narrator: The curtain once again rises on the Holy Grail War. PlayStation Vita: Fate/hollow ataraxia.
Text: Fate/holow ataraxia arrives on the PlayStation Vita, full-voiced. It also includes a completely new opening movie animated by ufotable.
Text: Those four weeks that are put on repeat. A shadowed something that begins destroying the town at night.
Caren: The work that has been given to me is the investigation of the Holy Grail, which has appeared again.
Bazett: My current wish is to secure the Holy Grail and bring it back to the Magic Association.
Narrator: A complete game now releasing in a full-voiced version. "Best Fortune: Tohsaka Shrine," "Wind Cloud: Illya Castle," and a completely new extra game, "Capsule Servant." Along with the Servants you receive from the capsule machine, bring back peace to Fuyuki City.
Text: Defeat enemies and get new Servants from the Holy Grail Gatcha!
Narrator: Purchase bonus: download code to retrieve two mini-games. Releasing on November 27, 2014.
Avenger: Now, let us continue the Holy Grail War.

The game is slated to ship for the PlayStation Vita in regular and limited-edition versions in Japan on November 27. The limited edition will bundle an Avenger Nendoroid Petit figure and setting materials book and retail for 8,000 yen (about US$79). The regular version will retail for 6,000 yen (US$59).

The game is being enhanced to take advantage of the PS Vita's touch screen interface, and it will also be full-voiced. As with the original PC game, players play as Shirō Emiya one year and a half after the events of Fate/stay night. The player is limited to a time limit of four days, and within this time, the player is allowed to become friendly with their favorite characters. In addition, a new Holy Grail War begins, and new characters appear.

The anime studio ufotable is producing a new anime adaptation of Fate/stay night that will begin airing on Japanese television this fall. Takahiro Miura (Fate/Zero, The Garden of Sinners episode director) will direct the anime, while Atsushi Ikariya, Tomonori Sudō, and Hisayuki Tabata will be adapting Takashi Takeuchi's original character designs.

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