Black Butler: Book of Circus Anime's Promo Previews Sid, Akira Theme Songs

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Television anime inspired by Yana Toboso's Kuroshitsuji manga premieres July 10

Aniplex began streaming the first full promotional video for the Black Butler: Book of Circus television series on Tuesday. The video features the anime's opening theme song, "Enamel" by SID, and "Aoki Tsuki Michite" (The Blue Moon Becomes Full) by Akira of the band Disacode.

TVアニメ 「黒執事 Book of Circus」 (Kuroshitsuji: Book... by pKjd

Woman: Now then, regarding the ticket enclosed. Did you know that a travelling circus is stopping in London? They appear to be a band of travellers that roam many lands, but it appears that in every city they visit, children are disappearing... Almost as if they were drawn away by the Pied Piper of Hamelin.
Joker: Ladies and Gentleman! Boys and girls! Thank you so much for coming to the Noah's Ark Circus today! We have quite the show to entertain you all!
Sebastian: It appears that within the list of missing children, there are no corpses reported.
Ciel: There's a chance that they are already passed behind the scenes...
Undertaker: That's not true. I know that I don't know.
Ciel: We're going to follow the lead, and the circus is the only one we have. Just how do you intend to investigate, Sebastian?
Undertaker: Souls are one per person... Take care of yours.
Ciel: While I'm gone, take care of the house.
Finnian, Baldroy, Meilin: Yes, milord!
Joker: This circus has its reasons...
Beast: What are you doing, you pervert!?
Sebastian: Oh my, excuse me.
Snake: Past here is not to be entered.
Joker: I'd love to scout you for our team.
Sebastian: Really? If you're telling the truth, then I would love to join.

Aside from the upcoming new television series, an original video anime (OVA) titled Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder is also in producion. The OVA will be screened in Japanese movie theaters this fall.

The cast and staff for the new projects includes:

The manga debuted in Square Enix's Monthly G Fantasy magazine in 2006, and Square Enix will publish the 19th volume on June 27. The first 17 volumes have more than 18 million copies in print, including those published in 42 countries and territories. The manga already inspired a television anime series in 2008 and a stage play in 2009. A second television series followed in 2010 with a new butler and master. The manga won the top prize in the shōnen manga category of France's Japan Expo Awards in 2010 and the Best International Manga Award in Germany's Animagic in 2011.

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