New Volumes of Nura, Dragon Ball, Bleach Released Monday

posted on by Andrew Osmond
Nura Season 2 Part 2; Dragon Ball Season Two; and Bleach Complete Series Twelve.

On Monday July 7, Manga Entertainment will release the next volumes in three of its ongoing series. Firstly, it will release Season 2 Part 2 of Nura - Rise of the Yokai Clan (pictured right). According to the website description:

The Nura Clan faces a new threat: the 88 Demons of Shikoku, led by Inugamigyobu-Tanuki Tamazuki! Tamazuki sets his plan in motion to weaken the Nura Clan by targeting their key source of power-the local deities of Ukiyoe Town. In the absence of Supreme Commander Nurarihyon, Rikuo's resolve to become the Third Heir is put to the test, as he must unite the clan to face Tamazuki and his malicious weapon the Devil's Blade!

Manga will also release Season Two of the original series of Dragon Ball (made prior to Dragon Ball Z, and featuring Son Goku as an infant), containing parts 29 to 57 of the series.

Finally, Manga will release the Complete Series Twelve of Bleach, with the subtitle 'Zanpakutou The Alternate Tale.' This set consists of parts 230 to 265 of the series.

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