Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers Anime Launches X-Men Arc

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Wolverine & Sabretooth face off this week after Cyclops & Beast already made cameos

The Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers television anime will start an X-Men arc in the 16th episode ("Seigyo Funō no Yajū-tachi" or Uncontrollable Beasts) on Wednesday. Several members of the X-Men such as Cyclops and Beast have already appeared in earlier episodes, but the next arc will center on the mutant superhero team.

In the episode's story, Akira and the others attend school in a newly developed city in Tokyo. Akira meets and becomes close to his classmate Noriko, but she falls in love with Hikaru at first sight. She is also hiding a secret. Meanwhile, Loki's subordinate Jūbei causes trouble by unleashing Sabretooth, and Wolverine shows up to help the Avengers fight.

Toei Animation is producing Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, Marvel's first television anime series for Japanese boys, for Walt Disney Japan to air throughout Japan. Bandai is responsible for turning the characters into merchandising. The series is aimed at boys ages 6-12, and it premiered in April.

T.M.Revolution also joined the cast in the spring as Silver Samurai, a major villain who ushers Japan into darkness.

In the anime, portable capturing devices known as "DISKs" were developed to capture evil villains. However, thanks to Loki's machinations, both villains and heroes are sealed up in these Disks and scattered around the world. Amid the chaos, five youths obtained the power to restore these DISK-sealed heroes through a program called "Biocode." These youths received five DISKs that Spider-Man, who narrowly escaped being sealed himself, retrieved. Thus, these five can restore Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Wasp — the Avengers.

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