Jormungand, Accel World, Naruto Shippuden Released Monday

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First season of Jormungand, second part of Accel World, eighteenth box-set of Naruto Shippuden.

On Monday July 21, Manga Entertainment will release the series Jormungand (right) on Blu-ray and DVD. Shizuka Itou (Hayate the Combat Butler's Hinagiku Katsura) stars as Koko Hekmatyar, a female arms dealer. Mutsumi Tamura (Kill Me Baby's Sonya) plays Jonah, a former child soldier who joins Koko's mercenary unit. Rounding out the main cast are Sayaka Ohara as the knife-wielding Valmet and Unshou Ishizuka as the mercenary leader Lehm. Mami Kawada and Nagi Yanagi are singing the opening and ending theme songs, respectively.

Keitaro Motonaga (Getbackers, Katanagatari, School Days) directed the anime at the studio WHITE FOX. Mobile Suit Gundam 00's Yousuke Kuroda oversaw and wrote the series scripts, and Gurren Lagann's Taku Iwasaki composed the music. Kazuhisa Nakamura, an animation director on Katanagatari and Steins;Gate, designed the characters.

The second season of Jormungand will be released on August 25.

Also on Monday, MVM will release the second part of the VR adventure Accel World (left) on Blu-ray and DVD. It continues the adventures of the plump student Haru, who fights in a secret virtual realm

Finally, Manga will release the eighteenth box-set of Naruto Shippuden (right), carrying episodes 219 to 231.

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