Chage Forms New Band '1/6' After Aska's Drug Arrest

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Aska was arrested in May due to drug charges, released on bail on July 3

56-year-old musician Chage announced on his blog that his new band 1/6 (pronounced "one slash six") will go on tour beginning in September. The band takes its name from Chage's birthday, January 6, and includes vocalist and guitarist Keisuke Murakami (of MULTI MAX), guitarist Susumu Nishikawa, female vocalist Fumina Hisamatsu, drummer Kyōichi Satō, keyboardist Rie Chikaraishi, and Takehiro Kojima on bass.

Chage mentioned that he chose the name of the band not only because it was his birthday, but because he wanted it to be a name of a band that would become beloved to fans. The band will make stops in Miyagi Prefecture on September 11, 16 in Tokyo, 18 in Hiroshima, 23 in Aichi, 24 in Osaka, and finally, Fukuoka on the 26th.

Chage is part of the musical duo Chage and Aska. Aska (Shigeaki Miyazaki) was brought to the hospital in May following an arrest for drug charges. Aska, who was being held at a police station in Tokyo's Koto ward, initially denied the charges against him, but began an affidavit admitting to the use of illegal stimulants. He was released on bail on July 3.

Police allegedly found tablets and powder believed to be MDMA and other stimulants, as well as paraphernalia for using drugs, in a room of the singer's Minato ward apartment on April 6 and 12. Aska and Aska's female acquaintance Kasumi Tochinai (37) were both arrested. Police are investigating details surrounding the case, including how the drugs were obtained.

Last summer, Chage and Aska delayed their "On Your Mark" reunion concerts out of concerns that Aska had a transient cerebral ischemic attack (TIA). Weekly publications later reported that Aska may have been using drugs, but the singer denied the claims. He commented about his illness on his official website and said he was "absolutely not doing illegal things."

Several products by Chage and Aska were recalled or halted, including Studio Ghibli's animated music video for "On Your Mark."

Source: Sponichi Annex via Otakomu

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