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Uchū Senkan Yamato 2199: Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune Film's 2nd Trailer Hints at All-New Story

posted on by Sarah Nelkin
Cast, staff list, story, key visual also unveiled for December 6 film

The official website for the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 anime project began streaming the second trailer for the Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Star-Voyaging Ark) film on Friday.

Narrator: The ark that revolves around the stars awakens from its long slumber.
Text: The long-awaited completely new work from the super-hit series Yamato 2199.
Narrator: Uchū Senkan Yamato 2199: Hoshi-Meguru Hakobune.

The official website also updated on Friday, unveiling the story, staff, cast, and a new key visual (seen below):

The cast will feature:

Daisuke Ono as Susumu Kodai
Houko Kuwashima as Yuki Mori
Kenichi Suzumura as Daisuke Shima
Akio Ohtsuka as General Elk Domel
Eriko Nakamura as Mikage Kiryū
Takayuki Sugō as Captain Jūzō Okita

The staff list is as follows:

Art Director, Scripts: Yutaka Izubuchi
Chief Director: Makoto Bessho
Character Design: Nobuteru Yuki
Chief Mechanical Director: Masanori Nishii
Mechanical Design: Yasushi Ishizu, Jun'ichirō Tamamori
Set Design: Makoto Kobayashi, Takeshi Takakura
Director of Photography: Takashi Aoki
Art Director: Yoshio Tanioka
Editing: Emi Onodera
Music: Akira Miyagawa, Hiroshi Miyagawa
Sound Director: Chihiro Yoshida
CG Director: Tadasuke Ueji
CG Production Cooperation: Sunrise D.I.D.
Animation Production: XEBEC
Production: Uchū Senkan Yamato 2199 Production Committee

The website is listing the story:

2199 AD. Yamato tried to leave behind the great Magellan system, after receiving a "Cosmo Reverse System" at his destination, Iskandal. However, suddenly, he encounters a mysterious group at the edge of the Magellan system. He finds out that they are called the "Gatlantis," and that their leader is the Gutaba expedition group's governor-general who calls himself "Goran Dagam of the Thunder," and the governor-general demands that Yamato be handed over to him. Yamato, wanting to hurry to Earth, escapes the fray. However, Yamato is attacked by a vicious beam weapon called the "Flame Direct Attack Cannon" that can transcend space.

Yamato was able to retreat within a hair's breadth, but ends up getting himself lost, and finds himself in a strangely-colored irregular dimension. He decides to turn off the engine on the ship, and explore the mysterious planet. In order to collect information, Kodai, Kirio, Sawamura, Niima, and Aihara also arrive at the planet. What they saw when they arrived was a ship that wasn't supposed to be there.

Dagam chases after the traces of Yamato's warp, and also reaches the strangely-colored galaxy. The planet on which Yamato landed was in fact what Dagam had been looking for all along.

The film will open in Japanese theaters on December 6.

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